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Hotel & Spa eBook
Hotel . Info . Click on photo
Restaurant eBook
Restaurant . PR . Links . Video
Business proposition:
An eBook about
your company or organization.
1. Your name or logo on every page.
2. Pages: 10-50. Photos: 10-120. Chapters: 2-10.
3. The mini photos at the bottom of the samples are clickable pages in the real eBooks.
4. It is possible to include video clips, links to your website, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook.

5. If you are interested in an amazing eBook, please contact us and we will send more info.
6. We also know how to market the book worldwide at a low cost.

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Resort Spa eBook
Resort . Info . PR . Links
Travel Agency eBook
Travel Agency . Info . PR . Links
Spa Health eBook
Spa . Info . PR . Links
Canada Paul Kolk eBook
Photography . Info . PR . Links
Museum Sights eBook
Museum . Info . PR . Links
Thailand An Appetizer eBook
Thailand . An Appetizer
Bangkok 25 Things to See & Do eBook
Bangkok . 25 Things to See & Do
Hotel Resort eBook
Hotel . Info . PR . Links
Bangkok An Appetizer eBook
Bangkok . An Appetizer
Ko Tao & Nag Yuan Thailand eBook
Thailand . Ko Tao & Ko Nang Yuan
Antiparos Greece eBook
Greece . Antiparos
Greece Boats & Fishermen eBook
Greece . Boats & Fishermen
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